Commit 0bd3cb9a authored by rdubner's avatar rdubner

Updated known good tests. Put the @CPRINT@ construction back.

parent 4369a229
# Useful on RH7 systems without Python3
# Run this script manually so that the following scripts work properly
sed -i 's|#!/usr/bin/python3|#!/usr/bin/python2|g' cobcd
sed -i 's|#!/usr/bin/python3|#!/usr/bin/python2|g' tests/strip-diff
......@@ -1967,16 +1967,6 @@ def MetaPossibilities(args, TabFile, machine_interface_mode, rside, submode):
return possibilities
# Note on the program structure:
# The Python extension to gdb is plenty powerful, but it is infuriating
# in one regard: Debugging. I've gotten used to source level debugging, and
# the irony of having to do print-level debugging in an extension to a source-
# level debugger is delicious, but mainly in the sense that some people like
# the taste of beetles. So, I have jumped through some hoops so that I could
# do at least *some* debugging in Visual Studio even though the gdb object
# isn't available. Bob Dubner, 2019-07-23
class CPrintWorker():
"""Does most of the non-gdb work of CPrint()"""
......@@ -1986,7 +1976,10 @@ class CPrintWorker():
self.current_source_file = ""
self.sticky_display_mode = os.environ.get("CPRINT_V", '0')
self.question_mark_range = int(os.environ.get("CPRINT_R", '6'))
self.use_cprint = os.environ.get("CPRINT", "cprint")
self.use_cprint = os.environ.get("CPRINT", "@CPRINT@")
if self.use_cprint[0] == '@':
## There's a reason for this; please see install: in the Makefile
self.use_cprint = "cprint"
self.machine_interface_mode = False
def ProcessDisplayMode(self, args, TabFile):
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