Commit 19179146 authored by rdubner's avatar rdubner
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Add 'make install PYTHON=$(which python)' feature to Makefile

parents 011b39d8 6953c9b4
......@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@ install:
$(MAKE) -C cobcd-sfix install
$(MAKE) -C cobcd-rw install
$(MAKE) -C python install
# If requested adjust python interpreter line
@if [ X"$(PYTHON)" != X"" ] ; then sed -i "s#/usr/bin/python3#$(PYTHON)#" $(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/bin/cobcd ; fi
# Output .gdbinit instructions only if DESTDIR is empty.
# When non-empty, this is almost certainly part of a package building exercise,
# and the message is irrelevant and confusing.
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