Commit 60b65cac authored by rdubner's avatar rdubner

Swap out '-fec=PROGRAM-ARG-OMITTED' for '-debug' in cobcd script

parent 44df0a91
......@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@ rm $TFILE
FILE_CBL=$(echo $TRIPLE_X_PRIME | sed -e 's/.* \(\S\+\) preprocessing: .*/\1/')
## Come up with TRIPLE_X for the -S command:
OUR_COMMAND="-S -g -d --fgen-c-line-directives --fgen-c-labels $COBCDXM $COBCDFLAGS $COMMAND_LINE"
OUR_COMMAND="-S -g -fec=PROGRAM-ARG-OMITTED --fgen-c-line-directives --fgen-c-labels $COBCDXM $COBCDFLAGS $COMMAND_LINE"
## If we were supplied with a -o switch, it screws things up at this point. So, let's get rid of it, if it is there
OUR_COMMAND=$(echo $OUR_COMMAND | sed 's/\s\+-o\s*\S\+/ /')
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