Commit 7d5aab6f authored by rdubner's avatar rdubner
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Adjust cobcd for -fec=PROGRAM-ARG-OMITTED

parent ed82b771
......@@ -365,7 +365,7 @@ if [ $ECHO ]
## Do the initial compilation that gives us the .c .h .i and .s files
## Rebuild our command, this time with our -T directive:
OUR_COMMAND="-S -g -d --fgen-c-line-directives --fgen-c-labels -T $FILE_LST --tlines=0 --tsymbols $COBCDXM $COBCDFLAGS $COMMAND_LINE"
OUR_COMMAND="-S -g -fec=PROGRAM-ARG-OMITTED --fgen-c-line-directives --fgen-c-labels -T $FILE_LST --tlines=0 --tsymbols $COBCDXM $COBCDFLAGS $COMMAND_LINE"
OUR_COMMAND=$(echo $OUR_COMMAND | sed 's/\s\+-o\s*\S\+/ /')
if [ "$ECHO" ]
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