Commit b63c0006 authored by rdubner's avatar rdubner
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Modify 'make package' to create cblgdb-latest.tar.gz

parent 031bcec4
......@@ -54,9 +54,14 @@ package : clean
cd .. && \
cp -r $(CWD)/ cblgdb-$(VERSION)/ && \
tar --exclude=.git --exclude=.legacy -czf cblgdb-$(VERSION).tar.gz cblgdb-$(VERSION) && \
cp cblgdb-$(VERSION).tar.gz cblgdb-latest.tar.gz \
rm -fr cblgdb-$(VERSION)/
cd .. && \
cp -r $(CWD)/ cblgdb-latest/ && \
tar --exclude=.git --exclude=.legacy -czf cblgdb-latest.tar.gz cblgdb-latest && \
rm -fr cblgdb-latest/
# Dubner likes to work in Windows, using Visual Studio. This can result in
# Windows-style CRLF line endings. He also likes to work with C++ code
# formatted with Whitesmith style brace formatting. This rule fixes the
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