1. 28 Apr, 2020 5 commits
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      Revert to cobcd that doesn't get clever with compiling in a temporary folder · 571add06
      rdubner authored
      Whilst convincing cobcd to compile the NIST COBOL85 test suite, I learned
      that the cobc compiler creates temporary files locally, which causes havoc
      when there are file name collisions.  I was very pleased with myself when
      I figured out that I could rename the source file to something weird, and
      avoid collisions that way.  But very late in the game I became aware that
      the debugger was looking for the weird source file, and not the original.
      This needs to be revisited, but for now I am just going back to the "may
      cause collisions" version.
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      Add ref_test_7 and checkreg samples · 92c1b4a5
      rdubner authored
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      Modify COBCD to compile in current directory · d5b460f6
      rdubner authored
      The prior commit had a version of COBCD that did a 'cd /tmp' to do the compilation.  But that
      failed on a COPY SOMEBOOK IN ../ALTDIR.  So, this version copies SOURCE.CBL to SOURCExXxPID
      and does the compilation on that file, giving control over the file naming and avoiding
      collisions in the original folder.
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      Refine cobcd script to handle NIST COBOL85 test suite · 6f584cb9
      rdubner authored
      This is the version of the COBCD that converts command-line file references to absolute,
      and then changes the CWD to /tmp/<something>, and does the compilation there.  This
      prevents the intermediate files from colliding in the original source directory.
      There are two cases that still fail: One because of a COPY SOMETHING IN ../ALTDIR, and
      another because of (I believe) a GnuCOBOL debugging-related environment variable.