1. 19 Mar, 2021 4 commits
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      Chasing a real-time bug · 67edf0fa
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      During testing, noted that ACCEPT 12345 would sometimes crop up as 02345 or 00345.  Have yet to
      find out why.  I put in a 100-millisecond "pause" after sending the "12345", and after that
      I never saw the truncated input again.  Very possibly this is pure coincidence, and this
      problem will show up again.  If it does, I'll work on it further.
      The ultimate solution is to figure out how to make the inferior accept and display data on a
      different terminal instance than GDB does.  See the comment for f696b86f
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      Actually change package number · 0c284a4e
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      Release candidate 4.2.3 -- Implements the COBOL ACCEPT statement. · f696b86f
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      This version also handles some race conditions that were resulting in "...variable not
      iterable..." responses that prevented proper display in the VARIABLES pane.
      The main functional change is this version's ability to work with the COBOL ACCEPT statement.
      All input and output is from the VSC "DEBUG CONSOLE" panel.  The debugging adapter, however,
      keeps track of whether GDB thinks the inferior is *running or *stopped.  When *running, all
      VSC attempts to talk to the inferior are inhibited, and any keyboard commands are stripped
      of the '-interpreter-exec' wrapper and sent in raw form to the inferior.
      This seems to work.
      The C/C++ debugger for VSC works differently; it sets up pipes for stdin and stdout, which
      are used for sending and receiving command information to GDB.  Meanwhile, the inferior's
      TTY is redirected to the "Integrated Terminal" pane of VSC.  I didn't try to duplicate that
      because I didn't want to take the time at this time, and because after several hours of
      investigation I was unable to determine how to set the inferior's TTY to the integrated
      terminal pane.
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      Updated README to address cprint/h and cprint/b · 002f5b95
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      Updated README.md to address Issue #9 · 590dda0e
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      Initiated move to 3.2.1 · a2a90f07
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      Replaced requests for cobcd.py "print" with "cprint".
      Fixed some compilation errors because of resolve calls that didn't have parameters
      Determined that variable display on hover is something I can't do because of
      names with dashes in them; VSC is uses '-' as a separator, and so I cannot, in
      general handled COBOL variable names.
      This version also fixes Issue #8 "auto-print when changing variable"
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